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Top 10 Searched Keywords That Describe What Rich Men Want in Women

Lastest update: Oct 07, 2021       24,422      Shirley Lee

Dating rich men can be a fun challenge full of uncertainty. You may end up meeting a man who is totally different from the people around you. You might be wondering the type of women who attract rich men or what rich men want in women, to be honest, there are no standard answers since, as we all know different people have different pursuits. This being said, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to meet the dating preferences of rich men. According to the scientific analysis of real data, we can figure out the typical dating preferences for most rich people. This article features the top 10 keywords rich men search for the most on rich men dating sites. You might find the answer you are looking for here.

Model (NO.1)

Search Volume: 30,000+ / monthly

How do rich people describe their ideal date in only one word? They will generally say they desire "a model." It is a well-known fact that typical models are young girls with outstanding appearance, tall stature, and extraordinary personality; they also have nearly perfect faces and slender limbs. No matter what kind of clothes they wear, they will still be attractive, models are absolutely the dream lover most wealthy men crave.

Asian (NO.2)

Search Volume:27,000+ / monthly

Yes, you read that right. On the most popular rich men dating sites, "Asian" ranks as the second hottest keyword searched. It is apparent that Asian girls are very attractive to many wealthy people. There are many reasons why wealthy people prefer yellow-skinned Asian girls, such as petite figure, healthy skin color, gentle personality, classical temperament, and a smart mind. These advantages = satisfy most of the requirements wealthy people desire in their partners.

Hot (NO.3)

Search Volume:22,000+ / monthly

Men are always visual beings, and this is a fact you have to accept. Beautiful women are always something most men dream about, especially rich men. The only difference is that rich men have a higher chance of getting them. Do not think men are superficial only because they care about appearance; however, try making yourself look more attractive. Fortunately, with the current technological trends in makeup and plastic surgery, any girl, regardless of her talent, has the opportunity to become a beautiful woman.

Educated (NO.4)

Search Volume:19,000+ / monthly

As we all know, rich people tend to attach much more importance to education than the average person. Most of them believe that knowledge is wealth. Therefore, it's common for them to ask about the educational history of their life partners.

Sexual (NO.5)

Search Volume: 18,500+ / monthly

Platonic relationships can be completely void of sex; however, most relationships come down to sex. Sex and love complement each other. It's not surprising that the pursuit of sex is a normal need for most people. Sexual is also one of the hottest keywords on most other types of websites.

Christian (NO.6)

Search Volume: 15,500 +/ monthly

To be frank, even I was surprised by the word, because I have always greatly underestimated the importance wealthy people attach to their partner's religious beliefs. Since this is a very sensitive topic, it is not suitable to make too many comments on it, all you need is to listen.

Blonde (NO.7)

Search Volume:13,000+ / monthly

Blondes have long been regarded as one of the most attractive types of women. Research suggests that blondes are often seen as Playboy centerfolds than other women. From the fact that the word "blonde" is also frequently used to screen women on rich man dating websites, we can see that rich people are quite enthusiastic about blondes.

Busty (NO.8)

Search Volume:11,000+ / monthly

Although slim women are likely to be favored more by wealthy people, there are plenty of rich men who prefer women who have a fuller figure. The obvious characteristics of most plump women are busty breasts and shapely butts. When we take a look at the story of Kim Kardashian, it is evident that most wealthy men are still obsessed with breasts and buttocks.

Marriage (NO.9)

Search Volume: 10,000 + / monthly

Imagine a scenario where a single rich man only wants to play games; he can easily find a lot of gold diggers around him. But, why do they spend a lot of time and energy on rich man dating websites? The real purpose for them joining rich men dating sites is that they desire marital relationships. In other words, if rich men weren't looking for a serious relationship, they would be joining sugar daddy dating sites or casual dating sites instead!

Houston (NO.10)

Search Volume: 8,500+/ monthly

To explain why "Houston" has become one of the top 10 popular keywords which rich men search most is probably because Houston has the largest number of rich single men, or perhaps rich men dating is popular in Houston. All in all, this is good news for women looking for a romantic date in Houston.


The top 10 searched words which rich men search most on dating sites provide us with a lot of valuable tips for dating rich men. Although the specific requirements of different wealthy people vary, women who attract wealthy people have many obvious common characteristics, which is the significance of our analysis of these keywords.