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Guide #6 How to Get a Rich Man Fall for you

Lastest update: :Nov 02, 2021       22,775      Shirley Lee

Dating rich men is more than just good looks, you need to market yourself, here are useful guide including some active strategy will teach you how to let a rich single fall for you.

1. Define what sets you apart from others.

Most confident and high-value men are born conquerors, this is a group of men have strong desire for challenges. When they are looking for their spical someone, they usually prefer to an unusual woman, someone who have a unique style. So ask yourself: what makes you different makes you beautiful? Find out your spcial characteristics and and creating your own styles. Your particular views, special experience, or something on the physical side, which will help you impress a rich single. How to Get a Rich Man Fall for you

2.Become the type of women rich single want

Which types of women do rich men real like? This question is a constant topic of conversation in rich dating pool. Beacase, different man have different preference in women,It is tough to say which type of women that attract rich men. But according to our many years of experience in rich dating, the most sought-after women usually have the following physical characteristics.
  • Tall and perfectly proportioned
  • a smooth, glowing, healthy complexion
  • Young, fresh, and ready for anything
  • thick and glossy long hair

Try to reinvent yourself against the above criterias and see what happens?

3. Let your friendship blossom into a romantic relationship.

Take a look the wive of Rupert Murdoch or Mark Zuckerberg, you'll find many real Cinderella stories usually begin from a normal friendship. Fold in those stories meet by chance and then become friends, this experience has prepared them well for a Long term romance. So if you want to get a rich man fall for you, don't get into a dating relationship in a hurry. It's always a good idea to become the people around him. By doing this, you'll have many opportunities to get to know each other better. Now, the online millionaire dating websites can help you encounter thousands high-net-worth singles in a very short time, you don't need to waste your time on wrong person, find out the men who you're eyeing, try to star a friendship with them.

4. Contrary to his expectations.

The rich and successful man were used to receiving admiring glances from others, their suggestions and opinions are rarely rejected in their lives. But in fact, this group of men secretly crave being challenged like that because things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme! So an obedient woman usually cann't stimulates they desire for challenge.

To keep independence in a relationship, doesn't mean say no to everything, you just need to express your feelings in front of them, and make sure you can take something up or put it down with equal ease.

5. Increase your emotional intelligence.

If you want to marry a rich guy, you cannot be successful without High EQ. Beacase dating rich men is not easy, you are dealing with a group of shrewd social elites, any lower EQ move can be a relationship breaker. So try to enhance your EQ education and level, although you were very good at dealing well with relationships. You'd better keep a reading list and begin to read some relationship books.

6. Have a very tolerant attitude.

Emotional conflict may shake the foundations of even the strongest relationship. If you want to maintain a relationship, you have to-but try to avoid any potential emotional conflict. Remember that you are not looking for a short term relationship, you are looking for a life partner. Compromise is an inevitable part of life. So stick to your basic principles, but try to consider the other person's feelings and reserve when you have disagreements. In love, you don't neet to be a winner, beause the love forever do not have the winner.

7. Create an element of surprise and a sense of fun.

Most people don't like being in a rut, especially these successful guys who ars all go-getters. In their daily life, they usually unconsciously or subconsciously pay more attention to people who can bring them something new, interesting and exciting. So if you can occasionally use your creativity to create an element of surprise and a sense of fun for them, then you will make a strong impression on them, and let them Take time to think about all little details about you. Once you've done that, you're already half successful.

8. Learn from Asian Women.

Recent studies have shown that successful and high-net-worth men, particularly white men, have exhibited a particular preference for Asian women in their search for dates. This reality has become known as the "yellow fever" . So why do rich guys prefer asian women? We think the answer to this quetions as follow:

  1. Many Asian women have received a good education and were easy in conversation and graceful in manner.
  2. Many Asian women are good cooks and adept at taking care of and managing a household.
  3. Many of Asian women have a high emotional IQ and good at getting along with people.
  4. They have many common characters: nature, honest, kind, tender and tolerant.
  5. Many of Asian women sensitive in numbers and have great business talents, they are good assistants for their husbands' successful career.

9. Seek his help occasionally.

Maybe you're a strong-minded, independent woman who hates to show any sign of weakness in front of a man. But when you enter into the rich dating pool,it's not wise to do that. Why? Because many rich and confident are masculine alpha guys who love to show their power and ability in front of a woman, but if a woman who is very capable and independent, will make them feel so hard to get emotional identification and admiration from their partner, the frustration resulting from it will let them stay away from you. Probably this is what people say “When you're good at something, men are intimidated”. So show your weakness in front of your man occasionally is not necessarily a bad thing. You can seek his help or consult him about something you are not good at, These little moves will bring your and your partner many interesting interactive experiences.

10.Don't be too quick to get into a relationship

When you find a guy you're eyeing in the rich men dating pool, don’t jump into something vigorous and don’t be too quick to get into a relationship with him. Try to make the process relatively long and complicated, and let him know that your love is not not easy to get. This is a a wise move if you want to have a healthy and stable relationship. Remember that people do cherish much more that are hard to get . The more hard-won something, the more it is doubly treasured.

To conclude

To be frank, it's not difficult to get into a short-term dating relationship with someone who is successful and wealthy in the rich dating pool as long as you can create ample opportunities to interact with them. (use millionaire dating sites, hire a millionaire matchmaker, or attend the rich men's cocktail parties), the real challenge is to find somebody who really loved you. You know, getting love can be easy or incredibly hard, depending on how you want to act, think and speak. In other words, all you can do is be ready for the love.