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Patti Stanger Teaches You How to Date Rich Men

Lastest update: Oct 06, 2021       25, 552      Shirley Lee

Surviving in this world without companionship is very difficult but, it could be more difficult to survive with a companion who is broke because materialism is trending, no? Have you ever wondered how these girls coming from a mediocre background end-up with rich men? Well, don’t worry now, you can be one of them within no time. There could be several ways of dating rich men. You could either develop such strong connections with people who have a connection with rich people or you could sign up in dating clubs for rich people, yeah, sounds weird, I know! But, this is one of the quickest ways of getting in touch with rich men and in case, you get lucky, you might end up marrying one! Well, take the example of “the million matchmakers” which was hosted by Patti Stanger, the show introduced rich people with the charming people, both could date each other for 10 minutes and in case, they clicked or felt a spark in between them, they would continue to date officially! Hah! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! But, no this is not as simple as it sounds. After all, nothing comes easy and rich people!? No way! Not at all! Maybe in dreams, but, nope, not in reality.

The Million Matchmaker introduced by Patti Stanger is considered to have 90% of success rate when it comes to people who kept on dating even after the show. The couple that is famous from the Patti Stanger’s “The Million Matchmaker” for being together even after the show is ‘Mitch Berger’ and ‘Bambi Lashell’ who are got married in 2013. The former NFL player probably went to the show only to gain some reach after his game but bumped into Bambi Lashell, they went on their 10 minutes date and Bam! They clicked instantly. The former NFL player fell in love with the model. Mitch tweeted in April 2014, wishing Bambi Lashell the 9-month anniversary of their wedding. All of this happened because Bambi gave Mitch the opportunity to feel the great experience in the initial stages of their relationship. Giving other person the opportunity to explore the possibilities and the experiences of the relationship is another way of intriguing the other person. Dating rich men is never an easy task, you are supposed to have a lot of patience while you let them explore the relationship as you walk through the bumpy part of relationship. But, once you are through, you are more likely to stay in the good books of the person you are dating. Patti Stanger believes that there is no point in sugar coating things which will lead to a negative outcome. Hence, she believes in giving an honest and blunt advice to her female clients which may help them in enhancing their personality to charm the rich men.

Advices from Patti Stranger to Women in Search of Rich Men

“The Million Matchmaker” was produced in 2008 by Patti Stanger, where she introduced a Millionaire’s Club, in which girls could sign up in order to date rich men. Whereas, the men signed up to meet good looking women. Patti Stanger claims that “The Million Matchmaker” and such other shows could be the best way, where women could mingle with wealthy men in order to date them later in their life. Patti Stanger is considered as the God-Mother of match making in the millionaire world as she gives the best advice to women who wants to date rich men. Patti Stanger finds it very intriguing to teach women the ways through which they could charm the rich men into dating them. She believes that there are several traits that should be adopted by a woman in order to rich men intrigued. Patti Stanger says that all the women who sign up for her club are required to do following things. These may include, being your own person while you communicate with rich people. It means you don’t have to fake things and act as someone you are not and can never be! Originality is the answer to most of the things anyway.

Another advice that is given by Patti Stanger to her clients is that they bond with people while attending the parties thrown in the club. This way, they will get more and better opportunities of dating rich men. Also, developing expertise in some domains of life in which he is not as good as he should be could be another amazing trick to win their heart! Show interest in his business but don’t be too nosy when it comes to business deals and the money transactions. Take control of your finances while you search to date a rich man. Nothing is more attractive that a fiery woman who is in control of her finances and is self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of herself. Last but not the least, surround yourself with rich men! Don’t get stuck with the people who work in your office or who are related to you in any way. If all these traits are adopted by women who are looking to date a rich man. They will be getting along with once in no time! Rich men do not want to worry about their girlfriends and their expenses at all times. Instead, a woman taking care of herself on her own without asking for help from anybody is more intriguing and fascinating for them.